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Security Best Practices

Security Best Practices
Foundation 23.1

When the OnBase database is created, several default users required by OnBase are created with default passwords to facilitate the installation process. Hyland Software recommends changing these default passwords after installation and provides the ability to do so using OnBase.

Changing the default database passwords requires adding a license to your system, adding a command-line switch to the OnBase Configuration module, locking the OnBase database, and updating the executables for your OnBase environment. This procedure is not difficult but it does require redeploying your OnBase executables and may require replacing specific DLLs on your Application Server. It is recommended to make this change in a test environment first before trying it in a production environment


If the default passwords are changed in the database outside of the required process within OnBase, OnBase will no longer be able to communicate with the database. Contact your first line of support with any questions before changing any passwords.


For detailed instructions, see the Changing Database User Name Passwords section of the System Administration module reference guide.