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Security Best Practices

Security Best Practices
Foundation 23.1

DocPop, FolderPop, and PDFPop are document retrieval tools that are included with the OnBase Web Server to respond to requests made from custom or internal Web pages. When a Web site integrates with DocPop, FolderPop, or PDFPop, a custom link is placed on a Web page that connects to the OnBase Web Server, which handles the request and returns the OnBase folder, collection of folders, document, or list of documents that match the criteria of the query. Queries are passed through a query string or form post.

DocPop integrates custom Web pages with the querying and document viewing mechanisms of the OnBase Web Server, while FolderPop exposes the querying and folder viewing mechanisms. PDFPop allows users to view OnBase documents similar to DocPop, but a document returned using PDFPop is rendered as a read-only PDF before it is displayed to the user.

The following areas should be considered when configuring DocPop, FolderPop, and PDFPop: