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Security Best Practices

Security Best Practices
Foundation 23.1

Security Keywords restrict the ability of a user to view documents based on document Keyword Values.

Security Keywords can be implemented in the following ways:

  • Equal- limits the viewing to documents that contain the specified value only.

  • Not Equal- limits the viewing to all documents except for those with the specified value. Documents with null values for a Not Equal Security Keyword Type are returned for viewing unless the Perform security keyword checking during database query Database Settings option is selected.

The following items should be noted when configuring Security Keywords:

  • Security Keywords do not restrict document viewing rights in Workflow. Instead, the configuration of the Workflow queue determines access to documents.

  • Currency, Date, and Floating Point Keyword Types cannot be configured as Security Keywords.

  • OnBase does not support the use of wildcards when searching for Security Keywords.


SQL Custom Queries do not respect Security Keywords in the OnBase Client. Users that execute SQL Custom Queries in the OnBase Client may be able to access documents they should not be allowed to access. This limitation only applies to the OnBase Client. The OnBase Core (for example, the Web or Unity Client) does respect Security Keywords when executing SQL Custom Queries.


For more information on Security Keywords, see the System Administration module reference guide.