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Security Best Practices

Security Best Practices
Foundation 23.1

This chapter includes information on ways to add additional layers of security to OnBase and several best practices for securing OnBase environments. Implementing these features and following these guidelines will increase the security of an OnBase system and help prevent unauthorized access and data loss. However, the information in this chapter is not an exhaustive description of every possible security configuration available in the various OnBase modules, and should not be treated as such. This information is designed only to be a general guide to the current features and best practices that apply to creating an overall security plan for OnBase. More detailed information for specific modules, including the OnBase Client and Configuration modules, is available in the module reference guides for those modules.

The following best practice recommendations have been assembled by a team of OnBase subject matter experts. They represent the accumulation of years of experience installing and configuring OnBase solutions.

Depending on your solution design and the needs of your organization, not all of the recommendations in this chapter will apply to, or be recommended for, your specific OnBase solution. Carefully consider the impact of making any changes to your OnBase solution, including those described in this chapter, before implementing them in a production environment. Any changes should be thoroughly tested in a non-production environment prior to full implementation so the impact on business processes can be evaluated.

This chapter is divided into several areas: