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Signature Pad Interface (TWAIN)

Signature Pad Interface (TWAIN)
Foundation 22.1

After creating signatures and configuring their locations, you can test your configuration in the OnBase Client to verify that it is accurate.

  1. Connect the signature pad to the workstation.
  2. Select Admin | Signature Administration | Configure Signature Locations.
  3. In the Signature Configuration dialog box, select Signatures or the name of the Document Type that you want to test. Configured signature locations are displayed on the image:
  4. Double-click [Capture Signature from Signature Pad].
  5. The Signature Capture dialog box is displayed.
  6. Sign the signature pad.
  7. Click Save.
  8. An asterisk is displayed next to [Capture Signature from Signature Pad], noting that you have a test signature that can be displayed.
  9. Select Signatures or the name of the Document Type.
  10. The test signature is displayed in the configured location on the image: