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Signature Pad Interface (TWAIN)

Signature Pad Interface (TWAIN)
Foundation 22.1

To edit a signature:

  1. From the Signature Configuration tab, expand the Document Type that contains the signature you want to edit in the Configured Document Types pane.
  2. Select the file path, right-click, and select View File.

    The sample document is displayed with the signatures you have configured.

  3. Place the cursor inside the configured signature. The signature will be highlighted with the following buttons available:

    When you highlight a signature, all locations for that signature are highlighted. Configuration changes you make to one location will apply to other locations. This does not include changes to a signature's size or location on the document.




    Saves any changes you have made to the signature. Changes do not take effect until they are saved.

    You can also click Save All in the Signature Configuration tab to collectively save any changes you have made to more than one signature in the Document Type.


    Reverses any changes you have made to the signature since you last saved the signature.


    Clicking the icon portion of the button allows you to edit the signature from the Signature Text Options page in the wizard. If the signature is selected, you can also access this page from the Options button of the Signature Configuration tab.


    You can also access the Signature Text Options page in the wizard by simply double-clicking the signature from the sample document.

    For more information, see steps 12 through 18 of the Configuring Signature Settings section.

    Clicking the button's drop-down list allows you to choose from the following:

    • Edit Signature- Allows you to edit the signature from the Signature Text Options page in the wizard.

      See steps 12 through 18 of the Configuring Signature Settings section for more information.

    • Duplicate Signature- Creates another instance of the signature on the document.

      See Duplicating a Signature for more information.

    • Link Signature- Links the signature with another signature, allowing users to apply one signature to multiple locations on the document.

      See Linking Two or More Existing Signatures for more information.

    • Capture Signature Sample- Allows you to test the signature by letting you use the mouse to create a mock signature. This gives you an idea of how the signature will appear on the actual document.

      See Capturing a Signature Sample for more information.

    • Add Signature Line- Adds a straight black line below the signature and above the signature byline once the signature is applied.

    • Auto Save- Saves the document immediately after the user signs the document.

      See the 17 option on 17 for more information.


    Deletes the signature from the Document Type. After clicking this button, you are prompted to confirm deletion.

    If the signature is selected, you can also click the Remove button in the Signature Configuration tab or press Delete on the keyboard.

  4. To move or resize the signature area, first select it. A dotted-line box will appear around the configured signature.

    To move the signature, click inside the signature area or on the dotted-line portion of the border and drag. You can also use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to move the signature.


    If you accidentally move the signature to where it cannot be seen on the sample document or in the viewing area, maximize the screen. You should then be able to locate the signature and move it back to the sample document.

    To move the signature to another page, right-click inside the signature area and drag the signature to the desired page's thumbnail to the right of the sample document.

    To resize the signature, click and drag the handles. To maintain the ratio of the signature area, hold down the Shift key while you are clicking and dragging, or make sure the Constrain Proportions button from the Signature Configuration tab is selected.

  5. To save all of your changes, click the Save All button in the Signature Configuration tab. You can also move the cursor over a signature and click the Save button to save changes only for that signature.