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Signature Pad Interface (TWAIN)

Signature Pad Interface (TWAIN)
Foundation 22.1

Before allowing users to use signature configurations, you should test the way the signature will be displayed on the actual document by capturing a signature sample on the sample document. This is especially important if you are using the 17 option with the configuration, since users do not have the opportunity to change the signature after he or she clicks Apply. Once a signature is applied, it becomes part of the document and cannot be removed.

To capture a signature sample:

  1. From the Signature Configuration tab, expand the Document Type that contains the signature you want to edit in the Configured Document Types pane by double-clicking it or clicking the triangle next to it.
  2. Select the file path, right-click, and select View File.

    The sample document is displayed with any signatures you have configured on it.

  3. Place the cursor inside the configured signature you'd like to test. The signature will be highlighted with the following buttons available:

    When you highlight a signature, all locations for that signature are highlighted. Configuration changes you make to one location will apply to other locations. This does not include changes to a signature's size or location on the document.

  4. Click the drop-down portion of the Edit button.
  5. Select Capture Signature Sample.

    The Sign window is displayed.

  6. Using the mouse, create a signature sample by clicking and dragging within the blank field.

    You cannot use a signature pad to create a signature sample. Signature samples are only meant to give you an idea of how a signature will appear within the configured location on a document similar to the sample document.

    To clear the field and start over, click Clear Signature.

    To cancel the process and return to the sample document, click Cancel.

  7. Once you are satisfied with the signature sample, click Finish.

    The signature sample is displayed within the location on the sample document.

  8. If necessary, move or resize the signature area by selecting it. For instructions on how to move or resize a signature area, see step 4 of the Editing a Signature section.