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Signature Pad Interface (TWAIN)

Signature Pad Interface (TWAIN)
Foundation 22.1

Users can store their signatures in order to use them to sign documents at a later time. Storing users' signatures allows them to sign documents without having to sign manually. The number of user signatures that can be configured for the user depends upon the number of Signature Types. See Creating Signature Types for more information.

To store a user signature:

  1. From the Signature Configuration tab, click the User Signatures button. The User Signatures window is displayed.
  2. Select the appropriate User Group from the drop-down list in the Users pane.
  3. Select the appropriate user from the Username list.
  4. Select the Signature Type to configure from the Signature Types list. The available Signature Types depends on previous configuration. See Creating Signature Types for more information.

    By default, there are two Signature Types available: Full Signature and Initials.

    The New Signature field is displayed in the Signature pane.

    In addition, if there is already a signature saved for this Signature Type, the Current Signature field is displayed, showing the stored signature.

  5. Apply a signature by doing one of the following:
    • Signing a signature pad or clicking and dragging the mouse within the New Signature field.


      Only one of these options will be available. If you are using a signature pad, you do not have the option to sign using the mouse.

    • Importing a signature. To import a signature, click the Import Signature button. Navigate to and select the signature file to import. The following image file types can be used:

      • .tif

      • .jpg

      • .gif

      • .ico

      • .png

      • .bmp

  6. If you applied a signature using a signature pad or mouse, click Save Signature to accept the signature, or click Clear Signature to redo the signature.
    If you imported a signature, the signature is automatically accepted, and you do not have the opportunity to clear the field. If you selected an incorrect image file or would like to manually enter a signature, repeat step 5, and if necessary, step 6.