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Signature Pad Interface (TWAIN)

Signature Pad Interface (TWAIN)
Foundation 22.1

E-Forms must be configured to allow Signature Pad Interface.

To sign an E-Form:

  1. Retrieve and open the E-Form you want to sign.
  2. Click the Signature Pad toolbar button, or right-click the Task Bar and select Capture Signature.
    • The Signature Capture dialog box is displayed.

  3. Select a Signature Placeholder from the list provided on the right.
  4. Sign the signature pad. Click Accept to accept and return to the E-Form.
    • Click Clear Signature to clear the signature and sign it again.

    • Click Cancel to close the Signature Capture dialog box and return to the document.

    After you sign an E-Form:

    • The E-Form becomes read-only.

    • The Add/Modify Keyword dialog box becomes read-only.

    • The File | Re-Index menu option is disabled.

  5. If you have more than one signature placeholder on the document, you may be presented with the following message:

    This document requires multiple you wish to add another signature at this time? If not, the other signatures can still be added at a later time.

    • Click Yes to add another signature or No to return to the document.

    • Placeholders can be added to E-Forms for signatures, so you may be presented with a similar message after adding up to 25 signatures.