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Foundation 22.1

You can widen individual portlets by spanning them across multiple columns. For example, a portlet may contain a wide range of information. By straddling the portlet, you can improve how its contents are displayed.

To configure a portlet to straddle columns:

  1. Click the Configure Portlet button and select Configure Portlet in the menu.
  2. In the Column Span field, enter the number of columns this portlet should be allowed to span. This value cannot be greater than the number of columns in the current layout. For example, if the number of columns in the current layout is 3, the column span value should not exceed 3.
  3. Click Save. If there are additional columns to the right of the portlet's current column, the portlet will start straddling columns automatically.
  4. If the portlet does not straddle columns automatically, click and drag the portlet to the left.
    • When you place the portlet in the leftmost column, it will span the number of columns you entered in the Column Span field.

    • When you place the portlet in the rightmost column, it will span only one column.

See the following topic for additional notes and tips.