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Foundation 22.1

Assigning StatusView privileges can be done in StatusView or in the Configuration module. In StatusView, privileges are assigned in the Administration dialog. For more information about assigning StatusView privileges in the Configuration module, see the System Administration module reference guide.

To access the Administration dialog and assign privileges:


To have access to the Privileges tab, you must be granted the StatusView User Management Product Right in OnBase Configuration.

  1. In StatusView, click Administration. The Administration dialog is displayed.
  2. Select a user group to assign privileges to.
    If the user group's name exceeds the width of the select list, rest your pointer over the name to display the entire text.
  3. Select the appropriate privileges, which are described in the following table:



    Personal Layout Configuration

    Allows users to configure a personal layout.

    Group Layout Configuration

    Allows users to configure layouts and layout privileges for user groups.

    As a best practice, limit the number of users who have this privilege. Users with the Group Layout Configuration privilege can reconfigure portlets in any group layout that they have access to, even if those layouts have been configured by other users.

    Portlet Registration

    Allows users to assign portlet privileges.

    When assigned with one of the above layout configuration privileges, the Portlet Registration privilege allows users to copy, rename, and delete portlet types.


    Only copies of portlet types can be deleted. The default portlet types cannot be deleted.

  4. Click Save. A confirmation message is displayed.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Close to close the dialog.