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Foundation 22.1

Custom query portlets display the selected custom query or pre-defined custom query results. The following examples show HTML and standard custom queries that require data entry:

HTML custom query:

Standard custom query:

Some custom query portlets may automatically display a results list based on pre-configured parameters, as shown in the following example. Click a column header to sort results. Double-click a document to open it.

If the custom query allows you to enter your own parameters, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter your parameters in the field provided.
  2. If the custom query allows date-based searches, specify a date range by clicking the calendar buttons next to the From Date and To Date fields.
    • The availability of calendar buttons depends on the custom query's configuration. A default date range may already be provided.

    • Click the arrow button to the right of the calendar buttons for extended date options, as shown in the following example:

  3. Click the Search or Submit button. The button's name may vary depending on the custom query's configuration.
    • Documents matching your search parameters are displayed. Depending on the type of custom query used, the results may be displayed in a separate window.

    • If no documents match the query's parameters, then the message No documents found is displayed.

    To sort results, click a column header.

  4. Double-click a document to open it. If the results list is displayed within the portlet, click the Search tab to perform a new search.