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Storage Integration for EMC Centera®

Storage Integration for EMC Centera
Foundation 23.1

To configure Distributed Centera Services:

  1. In the Configuration module, select Distributed Centera Services from the Disk Mgmt | Distributed Services menu.

    The Distributed Centera Services Setup dialog is displayed:

  2. Under Servers, enter a name for the new DCS server in the data entry field at the bottom of the dialog box. This is the common name of the Distributed Services server and should uniquely identify the server.
  3. Click Add. The Server Options dialog is displayed.

    The Server Options dialog can be accessed later by selecting a previously configured Distributed Services server in the Distributed Centera Services Setup dialog and clicking Settings.

  4. Select the Database Settings tab.
  5. Enter the Network Address of the machine hosting the server in the field provided (e.g., or dns_machinename). The network address can be an IP address or any address that can be resolved by the network's DNS server.

    The Network Address cannot be longer than 255 characters. If a DNS name is used, there could be a delay resolving the DNS name. If this delay affects performance on Client startup, use the IP address for the Network Address. Distributed Centera Services only supports IPv4 addresses and will not support the use of IPv6 addresses.

  6. Enter the TCP/IP Port reserved for use with the DCS server in the field provided. The default port is 2185.

    Unrestricted bidirectional network access is required for User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) between the client and server on the specified port.

  7. Select Disabled to mark the server as unavailable. If a server is not online or is unavailable, the server should be disabled. If the server is disabled, the standard method of retrieving files using the OnBase.ID file is employed.

    When the DTS server functions as a proxy server, the user context that starts the server (username and password) must have sufficient privileges to the files and directories it is expected to access.


    If the DCS server has been disabled, workstations can only connect to Centera in 2-tier mode.

    If a server is disabled, [Disabled] is displayed in the Distributed Centera Services Setup dialog next to the server.

  8. Select Preferred Server to use the selected server for retrieval and archiving before other Distributed Services servers that have also been configured.

    This setting is used in environments where multiple Distributed Services servers have been deployed and are using an -overridename switch. Enabling this on multiple servers will negate this option.

  9. Click OK.
  10. In the Distributed Centera Services Setup dialog, ensure that the newly configured server is selected.
  11. Under Discovery, enter the Timeout length in milliseconds. This is the length of time the system waits for a response from the server after pinging it. Once the Timeout is reached, the system no longer waits for a response and does not attempt to connect to that server. If the Timeout length is left at 0, the default value of 500 is used.

    The highest value supported is 2147483647.


    On slower networks, the Timeout may have to be increased.

  12. Under Discovery, enter the Number of Retries. This is the number of times the system pings the server if the Timeout is reached. If the Number of Retries is left at 0, the default value of 2 is used.

    The highest value supported is 2147483647.


    If the network consistently drops packets, the Number of Retries value may need to be increased.

  13. Click Save & Close.