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Storage Integration for EMC Centera®

Storage Integration for EMC Centera
Foundation 23.1

Centera in 2-tier mode establishes a direct connection from the OnBase Client to a Centera machine for document archiving and retrieval. Client workstations connecting in 2-tier mode must have the Centera SDK files installed locally.


The use of 2-tier mode is only recommended for using OnBase as a service. Any other implementation of OnBase should use 3-tier mode to prevent the need for all systems to access the PEA file as is necessary in 2-tier mode. See Configuring Storage Integration for EMC Centera® (DCS) for more information on configuring a 3-tier system.

Workstations performing backups or commits often use a 2-tier connection because of enhanced performance. 2-tier mode bypasses DCS without having to disable DCS.

To connect to Centera using 2-tier mode:

  1. In the Client module, select User | Workstation Options.

    The Workstation Options dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select the Document tab.
  3. Select the Use 2-Tier Centera or Tivoli option.
  4. Click OK.

    If you are using Centera in 2-tier mode, Centera 2-Tier Loaded is displayed in the System Status dialog.