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Storage Integration for EMC Centera®

Storage Integration for EMC Centera
Foundation 23.1

To move a secondary copy to Centera :

  1. Ensure that the Disk Group copy you are moving to is a Centera Disk Group copy (see Converting Existing Disk Group Copies to Centera).
  2. Apply the -ROMANZO switch to the OnBase Client module shortcut and launch the Client.

    Before using features enabled by the -ROMANZO switch, ensure that you understand the feature and implications of any changes to your system. Contact your service provider with any questions regarding these features. Features enabled by the -ROMANZO switch should not be made available to the casual user. Remove the -ROMANZO switch after completing necessary actions.

  3. In the OnBase Client, select Admin | Platter Management.
  4. Select the Disk Group with the copy to move.
  5. Double click on the appropriate volume.
  6. Right click the copy you are moving and select Move. The Move Platter dialog box is displayed.
  7. In the Platter Type drop-down, select EMC Centera .
  8. If you want to move multiple volumes, click Select Volumes. The Platter Management dialog is displayed.
  9. You can click Select All to select all available volumes or control-click to select the desired volumes.
    Click Select None to deselect all volumes.
  10. Click OK to return to the Move Platter dialog.
  11. Select Purge Files to delete the existing copies of the files once the files have been successfully moved to Centera .

    If you want to keep the files in the old location after the move, deselect the Purge Files check box.


    If the Purge Files option is deselected, the old files are not deleted and are no longer controlled by OnBase. Deletion of these files must be done manually outside of OnBase.

  12. Click Start.