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Storage Integration for EMC Centera®

Storage Integration for EMC Centera
Foundation 23.1




This time value is used to control the file cache. Files read from Centera servers will be stored in the cache until they are unused for the specified number of minutes.15 minutes is the default.


Valid values for cachefilelifeminutes are between 5 and 1000.


datasource is the data source used to access the OnBase database. It is required the first time DTS or DCS is launched.


This controls if data files are stored on Centera inside a CClip, or as a separate blob. This is called “embedded blobs” and its purpose is to improve read/write performance, particularly write performance. For Centera SDK 2.3 or greater, the default is to store all document files on Centera inside CClips if they are 75K or less in size. The maximum value is 150K, the minimum is 0. If the value is 0, then embedding is turned off. Centera SDK 2.1 does not support this option.


This switch can also be applied to the Client module.


Once files are archived using Centera SDK 2.3 or later using embedded blobs format, these files cannot be retrieved using SDK version 2.1 or earlier.