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Storage Integration for EMC Centera®

Storage Integration for EMC Centera
Foundation 23.1

EMC Centera is a magnetic disk-based storage system that offers added security and data integrity. Centera's software and hardware architecture produces unique identifiers for the data it stores using Content Addressing. Rather than accessing content from a standard file system, a 64-character identifier is used to save and retrieve documents, meaning only the application can access the content.

OnBase is able to use Centera for any Disk Group copy other than the first mass storage copy (the first mass storage Disk Group copy is uncommitted and should not be written to Centera). Centera is used as a secondary copy and manages failover when a document is not found in the first Disk Group copy. Centera can be used for Mass Storage secondary copies or Backup copies.

Document storage in Centera is transparent to OnBase users. When a document is created in Centera it is created as a C-Clip that represents a bundle of fixed content data (BLOB) and metadata tags. The metadata tags include the 64-character Content Address (CA) that the Centera SDK passes to OnBase. OnBase archives this address as it relates to the page data and, upon retrieval, uses the Centera SDK to pass the stored CA to Centera to obtain the document for display.

There is no OnBase.ID file for Centera Disk Groups.