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Storage Integration for EMC Centera®

Storage Integration for EMC Centera
Foundation 23.1

To run backups to Centera automatically, apply the -AWCENTERA switch to the OnBase Client shortcut that will be running the backup. When this switch is applied, Centera automatic backups Enabled is displayed in the System Status dialog.

If multiple Disk Groups are configured with Centera backup copies, multiple instances of OnBase can be used to backup these Disk Groups in parallel. Each OnBase Client instance backs up one Centera Disk Group at a time by creating a backup lock on the active volume, which prevents other OnBase Client instances from backing it up.


When using multiple OnBase Clients to perform Centera automated backups, ensure that the OnBase Client executables are all the same version.


The service will not start if the client has been running for longer than 24 hours. In order for the service to be executed daily, the client must be restarted each day after the configured time window has elapsed.