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System Activation

System Activation
Foundation 22.1

OnBase uses a product security feature to protect against unauthorized duplication of a licensed OnBase system. This feature is present in all versions of the software that follow 10.0.1 and is called System Activation. System Activation is accomplished with the assistance of your first line of support and ensures that you have an authentic version of OnBase.

System Activation is required once per database for the life of the system. There is no potential for negative impact resulting from System Activation: your database, system, and configuration are not changed by activation. Activation is accomplished with your first line of support using an update/response code and does not require considerable time or resources.

If an activated database is renamed, moved to a new server, failed over to a secondary node, or restored after a hardware failure, the database may need to be activated again. See Disaster Recovery.

System Activation is supported for all Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases supported by OnBase. Supported Sybase databases will require a HASP (Hardware Against Software Piracy) in place of System Activation. For complete details regarding the specific database versions supported by OnBase, see the System Administration module reference guide.