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System Activation

System Activation
Foundation 22.1

If you are unable to immediately activate your system you are afforded a 14-day grace period in which to complete activation. This grace period begins with the first launch of the Configuration module for OnBase 10.0.1 or above. It is recommended to activate your system as soon as possible.

If you do not activate your system you are given the option to activate it every time the Configuration module is launched, unless the System Activation reminder has been suppressed.

To display the System Activation reminder if it is currently suppressed, select System Activation from the Help menu in the Configuration module. The System Activation dialog box is displayed. You can either activate the system or re-enable the System Activation reminder by selecting Show reminder.

The amount of time remaining in the grace period is displayed in the System Activation reminder and also the title bar of the Configuration module:

After 14 days you are required to activate the system in order to access the Configuration module. If you are upgrading from a previous version of OnBase that required a HASP, the HASP attached to the Configuration module workstation will still allow you access to the Configuration module.