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System Activation

System Activation
Foundation 22.1

OnBase 10.0.1 and above must be activated using an update/response code with the assistance of your first line of support. System Activation is a product security feature to protect against unauthorized duplication of a licensed OnBase system. This was previously accomplished through the use of a HASP but is now accomplished through the software using System Activation.

In most cases, System Activation occurs automatically. If you are prompted to upgrade your OnBase database, System Activation is included with the database upgrade. System Activation is also included with the installation of a Licensing Certificate. See Determining System Activation Status if you are unsure if your system has been activated.

You are afforded a 14-day grace period in which to activate your system (for details, see Grace Period). If the system is not activated within the grace period, a HASP is required to continue using the Configuration module. If you do not activate your system you are given the option to activate it every time the Configuration module is launched.

For complete details on System Activation, see Activating Your System.