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Unicode Considerations

Unicode Considerations
Foundation 22.1

OnBase Foundation 22.1 supports the following databases for a Unicode system:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (all service packs)

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (all service packs)

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019

  • Oracle 19c

  • Oracle 21c

When using supported databases for a Unicode system, also note the following:

  • Azure SQL Managed Instance is also supported.

  • When setting up your Unicode database, you must use the correct ODBC drivers. If you are using a Microsoft SQL Server database, you must also use the correct database collations.

  • Unicode databases on versions of Microsoft SQL Server prior to Microsoft SQL Server 2016 do not support Mixed Case Alphanumeric Keyword Values longer than 224 characters.