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Unicode Considerations

Unicode Considerations
Foundation 23.1

Prior to OnBase 17, OnBase only supported the import of Unicode files in limited contexts within certain modules.

Beginning in OnBase 17, OnBase fully supports the import of the following types of Unicode files:

  • text

  • HTML

  • E-Forms

  • XML.

Some or all of these types of Unicode files can be imported by the main OnBase import modules, including the OnBase Client, the Unity Client, the Web Client, COLD, DIP, E-Forms, and Workflow.

In addition, the text encoding of files can now be manually changed in these modules to any of the following types of encoding:

  • UTF-8

  • UTF-16 Little Endian (LE)

  • UTF-16 Big Endian (BE).

As before, ANSI text encoding continues to be supported.