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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

This section applies to working with OnBase through the Unity Client and Web Client.

DocPop and Unity Pop serve similar purposes, but they are not interchangeable. There are situations where one Pop integration should be used over the other.

Unity Pop assumes that users have the Unity Client installed, are operating the Unity Client in Service Mode, and have user accounts in OnBase. Unity Pop may be recommended for a Unity Client installation or where Unity Pop provides additional benefits over DocPop.

  • Use DocPop if the Unity Client will not be installed on users' workstations. DocPop requires no OnBase software on the user's workstation, whereas Unity Pop requires the Unity Client.

  • Use DocPop if Macintosh users require access to OnBase. Unity Pop cannot run on a Macintosh operating system. In environments where only some users have the Unity Client installed, use DocPop to ensure all users can view documents.

  • Use DocPop for unauthenticated integrations or where OnBase documents are available to the public. For example, Unity Pop should not be used to provide public access to documents from a county Web site, because most public users would not have the Unity Client installed on their workstations.

  • Use Unity Pop if users send external email messages from the Unity Client only to other users who have the Unity Client installed on their workstations. Use DocPop if messages are sent to users who may or may not have the Unity Client installed.