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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

When working in OnBase, you may see a message saying that the document you want to view or retrieve has a "lock" on it. There are several types of these locks, including:

  • Locks caused by the system not closing properly in a previous session.

  • Locks caused when trying to modify a document or its Keyword Values if the document is currently in use by another user or by you from a previous session.

    See Keyword Locking for more information.

If OnBase closes unexpectedly while a document is being modified, the next time OnBase is launched, the following dialog box will prompt you to view or remove any currently open locks assigned to you:

Clicking Yes will open the Manage Locks dialog box. Clicking No will close the dialog box and continue to open OnBase. The Manage Locks dialog can be accessed at a later time.

Any user can view a “locked” document, but only the first user can modify it. When the first user is finished viewing or modifying a document, the document is “unlocked” automatically.


Removing locks when a document is currently being accessed by a user may cause document changes to be lost. Locks should only be removed if the user's session is closed and the lock remains.


Image documents are locked if opened by a user with the Save Rotation User Group privilege.