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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Many items within OnBase that can be used on the Personal Page can also be added to a Tile Group. The following can be added to a Tile Group:

  • OnBase Layouts

  • Documents

  • Folders

  • Custom Queries

  • Custom Query Results

  • Document Knowledge Transfer Reading Groups

  • Document Tracking folders and folder lists

  • E-Forms/Unity Forms

  • Full Text Search

  • Workflow document queues

  • Workflow Combined Inboxes

  • Internal Mailbox (with a list of unread messages)

  • Individual Document Templates

  • WorkView Applications

  • Import Tiles with specified Document Types

  • Dashboards and Dashboard items


Non-document Workflow queues cannot be added to Tile Groups.


WorkView filters using security attributes are not supported as tiles on Personal Pages.

A tile can belong to more than one Tile Group. Tiles will be added automatically to users' Personal Pages.


Tiles added to non-required Tile Groups are displayed in the My Tiles group on a user's Personal Page. Only required Tile Groups are automatically displayed.

If you attempt to add an item to a Tile Group before any Tile Groups have been created, you will be prompted to create a new Tile Group. Refer to Creating a Tile Group.

The sections below cover adding documents, folders, and individual items, folders, layouts, and Custom Query results to Tile Groups.