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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

To add an Import layout tile with a Document Type to Tile Groups:

  1. In the Create ribbon group, click the Import button.
  2. The Import layout is displayed. Select a Document Type in the Import pane.
  3. After a Document Type has been selected, navigate to the Home tab.
  4. From the Favorite ribbon group, click the bottom portion of the Personal Page button.
  5. Select Add this layout to Tile Groups.
  6. The Add To Tile Group s dialog is displayed:

    Select the appropriate Tile Group(s).

  7. Click OK to add the Import tile to the Tile Group(s) and to close the Add to Tile Groups dialog.
  8. The tile is added to the Tile Group(s). The name of the tile reflects the Document Type specified.

    To add an Import tile without a specified Document Type, add the layout to your Personal Page before selecting a Document Type.