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Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Normally, the ability to retrieve documents is determined by the Document Types that a user's user group is granted retrieval rights to. In other words, a user can retrieve all documents whose Document Types can be retrieved by any user group that the user belongs to.

You can use Security Keywords to define specific limitations on an individual's document retrieval rights. Security Keywords restrict retrieval by Keywords. For example, an employee could be restricted to retrieving documents from the Human Resources department. Furthermore, that same clerk could be prevented from retrieving documents related to the Accounting department.

When you assign a Security Keyword, you must specify whether the document Keyword Value is to be Equal or Not Equal to the Security Keyword Value.

  • Equal means that the user can retrieve only documents with the specified Keyword Value.

  • Not Equal means that the user can retrieve all documents except those with the specified Keyword Value.


Security Keywords do not enable a user to retrieve documents that the user does not have user rights to retrieve. For example, if the user does not have retrieval rights to Human Resources documents, then that user cannot retrieve those documents no matter what Security Keywords are assigned.

Your system administrator determines which Keyword Types can be used for Security Keywords, and may also establish other validation rules.

Once you have created Security Keywords for a user, you can add new ones or delete existing ones at any time.

To assign Security Keywords:

  1. Ensure you are in the Users layout.
  2. Select a user.
  3. Click Security Keywords.
  4. The following window is displayed:
  5. From the Keyword Types drop-down list, select the Keyword Type to be used for security.
  6. In Condition, select one of the following:
    • Equal enables the user to retrieve documents whose Keywords match the specified value.

    • Not Equal prevents the user from retrieving documents whose Keywords match the specified value.

  7. In Keyword Value, select one of the following:
    • Static Value- Select to enter an unchanging value for this Security Keyword.

    • Username- Select to configure this Security Keyword to restrict documents for each user based on that user's personal user name. Username is only available if the selected Keyword Type is alphanumeric.

  8. If you selected Static Value, type the Keyword Value in the Keyword Value field.

    The Keyword Value is limited to the allowable values for the Keyword Type previously configured in the Keyword Type Settings dialog box.

    If you selected Username, the Keyword Value field is automatically populated with << USERNAME >>.

  9. Click Add. OnBase displays the added value in the Security Keywords list.
  10. For each additional Security Keyword to be assigned to the current user, repeat steps 5- 9.

    The following example illustrates what OnBase displays after several Security Keywords have been added for a user:

    To delete a Security Keyword, click the X to the left of the Security Keyword.

  11. When you finish assigning Security Keywords to this user, click OK. The system saves the Security Keyword assignments and displays a confirmation message near the bottom of the screen.
    The Security Keywords will be in effect the next time the user logs into the system.