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Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

The User Management product right and the Usergroup Security configuration right are needed to view the User Option Policy Administration layout. To assign a User Option Policy to a User Group, the User Group Configuration right is needed. For additional information, see the System Administration module reference guide.

User Option Policies allow an Administrator to set and enforce User Options for designated User Groups. The User Options that can be set include the User Options accessed by clicking User Options in the File menu, the users' Home Layout, and the Thumbnail Settings found in the Document Separation layout. User Option settings are applicable only in the Unity Client.


For more information on User Options, see User Options. For more information on Document Separation, see Separating Image and PDF Documents.

User Options can be enforced, which means that they cannot be changed by users. Or, they may be non-enforced, which means that they can be changed by users.

If a user has already adjusted a User Option for themselves, the User Option Policy overrides that setting.

Changes made to a User Option Policy take effect upon user login.


If an Administrator is part of a User Group that has a User Option enforced by a User Option Policy, the User Option in question will not be enforced for the Administrator when working within the User Option Policy layout. This is to ensure that an Administrator who configures User Option Policies and is also part of a User Option Policy is not locked out of the modification of User Option Policies.

Example of a User Option Policy: A company makes use of the Notes feature within OnBase. Important information concerning hiring decisions is often conveyed within notes placed on resume documents. It is crucial that all members of the HR User Group view all notes placed on documents or they may miss information concerning a potential employee. So, to ensure that all members of the HR User Group are shown notes immediately upon opening a document, the Hide Notes User Option can be enforced to be set as false for the HR User Group. Users within this User Group will be unable to select the option to hide notes themselves in the User Options dialog since it is enforced by the policy.

The User Option Policy Administration layout is accessed by clicking Administration | User Option Policy Administration in the File Menu.

In the above diagram, the area labeled A is the ribbon menu. The area labeled B is the list of configured User Option Policies, which are organized alphabetically. The area labeled C is the User Option Policy Summary, which displays the General Settings, configured User Options, and assigned User Groups for the selected User Option Policy.