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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

To change, add, or remove the User Option settings of a previously configured User Option Policy:

  1. In the File menu, click Administration | User Option Policy Administration:
  2. The User Option Policy Administration layout is opened.

    In the User Options Policies list, select the User Option Policy you would like to change the configured User Options of:

  3. In the User Option Policy Summary area of the layout, click Edit in the User Options section:

    Or, you may click the User Options button in the Edit ribbon group:

  4. The User Options edit dialog is displayed:

    Select a User Options category from the Categories drop-down list.

  5. After a category has been selected, all of the available settings for each category will be listed below the Category drop-down list:

    If the option displays a check mark in the Configure column, settings for that option have been previously configured.

    Click Configure to edit the settings for any option.

    Click the red X next to the Configure button on previously configured options to remove the option configuration from the policy.

  6. Click Finish to apply your changes and to close the General Settings dialog.