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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

After User Group Policies have been created, you can review the settings for each User Group by viewing the Resultant Set. The Resultant Set dialog allows you to view which options are configured for each User Group. To view the Resultant Set:

  1. In the File menu, click Administration | User Option Policy Administration:
  2. The User Option Policy Administration layout is opened. Click the View Resultant Set button in the Resultant Set ribbon group:
  3. The Resultant Set dialog is displayed:

    When no User Groups are selected, the settings displayed are the default User Options and their values.

  4. From the User Groups column, select the User Group(s) for which you would like to see the Resultant Set:
  5. When the required User Groups have been selected, click Refresh. The Resultant Set column will display the User Options selected and the values for each User Group:

    Values with a green check mark next to them have been set in a User Option Policy.

    Values with a lock icon next to them have been set as Enforced in a User Option Policy.

  6. Hover over a green check mark to see which User Option Policy set the value:
  7. When you are finished viewing the Resultant Set, close the Resultant Set dialog.