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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Unity Pop files are the legacy method of creating Unity Pops. If you used Unity Pop in a version of OnBase prior to OnBase 14, you used Unity Pop files. The old method of configuring Unity Pop files (setting the emailLinkAs setting to " upop " in the Unity Client configuration file) is now part of the method to configure Unity Pop links, so care should be taken to ensure you are configuring the desired method of Unity Pop.

To configure Unity Pop files:

  • Enable Service Mode. In the Unity Client configuration file (obunity.exe.config), find the Hyland.Canvas.Client section. There, you will find the ServiceMode element. Ensure that the element reads: ServiceMode enabled="true"

  • Enable Unity Pop. Within the ServiceMode element of the Unity Client configuration file, find the Unity Pop feature. Ensure that the setting reads: <Feature name="Unity Pop" enabled="true"/>

    For more information on enabling Service Mode refer to Hyland.Canvas.Client.

  • Set the emailLinkAs setting to " upop- file. " Within the appSettings section of the Unity Client configuration file, find the emailLinkAs setting. Ensure that the setting reads: <add key="emailLinkAs" value="upop-file"/>

    For more information on the emailLinkAs setting, refer to appSettings.