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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

The OnBase Integrated Office Viewer (previously known as the WOPI Viewer or WOPI Server) integrates with the Microsoft Office Online Server or Office for the web. It provides users with integrated access to OpenDocument and Microsoft Office documents within OnBase and seamlessly displays Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents to end users within the familiar OnBase client interfaces.

In addition to the OnBase Integrated Office Viewer, depending on whether you use the Microsoft Office Online Server or Office for the web, two additional configurations may be used: the WOPI endpoint and the Hyland Broker for Microsoft Office.

The WOPI endpoint is a communication layer between the separately installed and configured Microsoft Office Online Server or Office for the web and the OnBase Application Server.

The Hyland Broker for Microsoft Office is used to enable communication between the OnBase Integrated Office Viewer and Office for the web.

For information about configuring the Integrated Office Viewer, see the Integrated Office Viewer module reference guide.