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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

A Cascading Data Set is a set of Keyword Types where the values available in a drop-down list for one Keyword Type vary depending on the value selected from the drop-down list for the previous Keyword Type on the document or folder.

These Keyword Types are arranged to show this parent/child relationship. For example, if State, County, and City are listed as Keyword Types and displayed in that order, then the available County values depend on the selected State, and the available City values depend on the selected County.

Changing a parent Keyword Value does not update the child values that depend on it. For example, if you change the State after selecting the County, then the County retains its original value and is not automatically updated to reflect the new State.


OnBase cannot validate Keyword lengths for externally filled Keyword data sets, but externally filled Keyword data sets must still respect the configured Keyword lengths of the Keyword Types in OnBase.