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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Dynamic folders allow users to automatically store documents in folders based on Keyword Values.

  • A dynamic folder contains all documents that match specified Keyword Value criteria and Document Types. Whenever the folder is opened, its contents are updated automatically.

  • Documents that are automatically pulled into a dynamic folder are not physically moved. The folder just provides another way for users to easily access the document.

  • For documents to be added manually to a folder from within OnBase, the Folder Type must be static or both static and dynamic.

    If a folder is both static and dynamic, documents containing Keyword Values not matching the folder Keyword Values can be added manually. If a folder is dynamic only, documents cannot be manually placed in or removed from the folder from within OnBase.

  • You can drag documents from outside of OnBase into a folder.

    Documents imported using this method can be automatically indexed with the dynamic folder's Keyword Values, provided that the folder's Keyword Types also exist on the Document Type. You can change these values in the Import Document dialog box, but if you change a Keyword Value the folder uses to dynamically store the document, then the document will not be dynamically stored in the folder. If the folder can contain static contents, then the document will be statically stored in the folder.