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Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

A Keyword Type Group is a collection of Keyword Types assigned as a whole to a Document Type or Folder Type.

Each Keyword Type in the Keyword Type Group can have only one instance (unlike Keywords that are not part of a Keyword Type Group, which can contain multiple instances with different values). To allow multiple instances of the Keyword Types contained within a Keyword Type Group, the Keyword Type Group must be a Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group. Multi-Instance Keyword Type Groups can contain multiple instances of a Keyword Type Group, much like there can be multiple instances of a standard Keyword. Each instance of a Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group contains its own instances of the Keyword Types contained within the group, which can have different values between Keyword Type Groups.

For information about using Keyword Type Groups on folders, see the section on working with folder keywords.

See your system administrator for information regarding your system setup related to Keyword Types.