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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Keyword Type masking sets a specific format for a Keyword Type which affects the way you work with Keyword Values in OnBase.

Keyword Type masking serves two purposes. The first is to set a specific format for a Keyword Type, allowing for more efficient indexing and retrieval. Once a mask is defined for a Keyword Type, OnBase will validate that the Keyword Value entered matches the mask for that Keyword Type. If the Keyword Value does not match the mask for that Keyword Type, OnBase will display an error message stating that the value is invalid.

Keyword Type masking can also be used for security purposes when displaying certain alphanumeric Keyword Types. When this kind of Keyword Type mask is configured, a portion of the alphanumeric Keyword Type, or the entire alphanumeric Keyword Type, is hidden by the configured mask. For example, a social security number Keyword Type is configured so all but the last four digits of each social security number are masked by the * character. In this example, a user viewing a social security number in OnBase would see *******6789 instead of the actual Keyword Value stored in OnBase, 123-45-6789.


If a user has the Access Restricted Keywords privilege, Keyword Types will be unmasked in the Unity Client.