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OLE is short for Object Linking and Embedding, a standard that allows documents created with one application to be linked or embedded in another application. OLE documents, such as Microsoft Word documents, retain their original format and links to the applications that created them.

When you open an OLE document in OnBase, the document is displayed in a viewer based on the document's source application.

If the Open in Alternate Viewer button is available, you can view documents using the Office Business Application. Note that if you are viewing an older document (.doc instead of .docx), the document is read-only.

The document's right-click options are specific to the source application. OnBase options can be accessed by right-clicking the document in a Document Search Results list.

For open OLE documents, you can access OnBase options by right-clicking the document's information bar.

When you have modified a revisable OLE document, upon saving in the source application, a dialog box is displayed asking whether you want to save the changes as a revision of the existing document, or create a new document.

Select the desired option, or click Cancel to exit the dialog box.