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Documents can be attached to each other using the Staple and Back Staple Note Types. In most cases, staples are used to associate documents that have an established logical relationship. For example, documents related to a single customer may be stapled together or an invoice and its associated purchase order may be stapled together. Logical relationships between documents can be established by a user but are not required by OnBase to staple documents.

When documents are stapled, a Staple icon is placed on each document. Staple icons can be used to directly open associated documents. Since staples only create a link between documents, the stapled documents remain separate.

Staple icons can also be used to open the staple's note, which displays creation information and allows the addition of customized text.


Staple notes can also be viewed in the Notes list on the Document Information Panel of an open document.

When using staples, consider the following:

  • The Staple icon and staple note are placed on the primary document, and a Back Staple icon and back staple note are placed on secondary documents.

  • For documents consisting of multiple revisions, Staple icons appear on all revisions. When viewing a stapled document from any revision of an open document, the latest available revision of the stapled document is displayed.

  • When viewing a stapled document from its associated document, the stapled document is opened to the page on which the staple was placed.

  • When a staple on a document is deleted, the corresponding staple on the stapled document is not deleted. The corresponding staple on the stapled document must be deleted separately.

  • When printing a document, Staple icons will not be printed when selecting Note Icon/Annotation on Document in the Print Settings.