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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Document lists can be organized to better suit your needs. Lists can be organized through grouping, sorting, column reordering and stacking, and filtering through operators and drop-down lists.


Drag a column heading to the space above a data list to group the list by that column.


Lists can be sorted by column values. Click on a column heading to sort the list in descending order. Click the column heading again to sort in ascending order.

Reordering and Stacking Columns

Click and drag a column to the area between two columns to move it to that location:

Click and drag a column onto the header of a different column to stack the columns:


The Custom Queries, Document History, Document Retrieval, Mailbox, and Users layouts support filtering. Operators, drop-down lists, and custom filters are available methods of list filtering.

Click the operator button in the desired column to view available operators:

Click the drop-down list arrow to view available drop-down list options:

Note: Operator and drop-down list options vary by column.

Select Custom from a drop-down list to open the Custom Filter Selection dialog box. This allows you to create your own data list filter using conditions and operators.