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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Image and PDF documents can be manipulated in the Document Separation layout. Documents and their individual pages can undergo multiple editing processes in this layout such as splitting, joining, rotation, and copying. Documents can be deleted or created within Document Separation. Pages can be dragged to different documents, or to an empty area to create a new document.

To send one or more documents to Document Separation, select Split from the Re-Index pane, the Edit Pages button in the Image tab of an open document, the Send To > Document Separation option from the ribbon or right-click menu, or drag and drop the document(s) into an existing Document Separation window.

To switch between Document Display Mode and Page Display Mode, toggle the Group by Documents button:

Keep important pages separate while reorganizing and editing documents by dragging them to the Page Holder.

Double-click a page to open it in Detailed View, which allows for full-scale viewing, rotation, and flipping.

Click Join to join two or more documents through the Merge Documents, Join Pages, or Append After Page options.

Click Split to separate a document through the Split or Break into Documents options.

The thumbnails within Document Separation can be adjusted by accessing the Thumbnail Settings from the ribbon menu.