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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Internal mail messages can be sent to other OnBase users. Documents and folders can be sent within the Unity Client to other users. If you need to send documents to non-OnBase users, external mail messages can contain documents as attachments, or can include documents, folders, Custom Query Results, E-Forms, and Unity Form Creation pages as Unity Pop Links or Unity Pop Files. Recipients of Unity Pop Links and Files must be OnBase users.

Send to > Internal User

Selecting the Internal User option allows you to send the selected or open document or folder to another OnBase user. A new mail message dialog is displayed and recipients, attachments, and message body text can be edited as needed.

Received internal mail messages can be checked by clicking the Mailbox button in the ribbon menu.

Send to > Mail Recipient

Selecting one of the two Mail Recipient options allows you to send the selected or open item to a user outside of OnBase.

Note: A functional, supported email client is required to send OnBase items externally.

Selecting Send to > Mail Recipient (as Attachment) attaches the document(s) to a new message dialog in your configured external email client.

Selecting Send to > Mail Recipient (as Link) opens a blank email message containing a link to the item(s) or XML file that references the content in OnBase depending on your configuration.