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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

The options available to you will depend upon your User Groups and Rights and the configuration of the Document Types and Groups. See your system administrator for details.

  1. In the Home tab, click Retrieval.
  2. The Document Retrieval layout is opened. Ensure that the Document Retrieval pane is expanded:

    Some Document Types are configured to require Keyword Values to be entered in order to create and/or retrieve documents. Required Keyword Values are displayed in red for these operations, which may include the following: Document Retrieval, upload, and adding/modifying Keyword Values.


    User rights are needed to access the Document Retrieval layout and to view documents. Contact your system administrator for additional information.

  3. From the first drop-down list in the Document Types and Groups pane, select the Document Type Group containing the type(s) of document(s) you want to retrieve, or select <All> if you plan to retrieve documents from more than one Document Type Group. You can also select a Document Type Group by typing the name of the Document Type Group.
  4. From the Document Types list, select the Document Type(s) to be included in your search:

    You can also select a Document Type by typing the name of the Document Type.

    To select multiple Document Types, press Shift or Ctrl as you click.


    Some Document Type Groups do not require you to select a Document Type in retrieval. To determine whether a Document Type Group is Group Search Enabled, select that Document Type Group from the drop-down list. If the Document Type Group is Group Search Enabled, the Find button is available when the Document Type Group is selected.

  5. When a Document Type is selected, the Keyword Types with which it is associated are displayed. All documents assigned to a Document Type have the same Keyword Types, but unique Keyword Values. If multiple Document Types are selected, the only applicable Keyword Types are those that are common to all the selected Document Types.
  6. Type Keyword Values or select Keyword Values from the drop-down list, if available. You can use the Tab key to move to the next Keyword Value field.

    When the cursor is in the Keyword Type's field, you can press F5 to open the drop-down list, if one exists. You can use the up and down arrow keys to select from the Keyword Values displayed in the drop-down list. When you have selected the appropriate Keyword Value, press Enter.

    If you type a partial value before pressing F5 or opening the drop-down list, the drop-down list will begin with those values that match the partial value.

    If two or more consecutive Keyword Types contain drop-down lists and are ordered in such a way as to show a hierarchical parent/child relationship, the Keyword Types may be part of a Cascading Data Set. Selecting a Keyword Value from the parent drop-down list filters the available Keyword Values from the subsequent child drop-down list.


    To reduce the values displayed in a drop-down list, type several characters into the field before expanding the drop-down list.


    Some searches require you to enter at least one Keyword Value. Search requirements are determined by your system administrator.

  7. When you have entered all search criteria, press the Enter key or click Find:
  8. All documents that match the search criteria are displayed in a Search Results list. If you used a text search as a method of retrieval, OnBase provides the number of times the search criteria appears in the document, as well as the page(s) on which the items were found.

    OnBase maintains a record of the search criteria used in each search in Query History, so that you can repeat it exactly during a given session.

When retrieving documents by Keyword Value, the following keyboard shortcuts are available:

Keyboard Shortcut



Change the operator for the selected Keyword Type.


Change the connector for the selected Keyword Type.


Show the drop-down list for the selected Keyword Type.


Add another value for a Keyword Type.

Ctrl + O

Collapse or expand any Multi-Instance Keyword Type Groups.