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Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

A Document Type called AP - Purchase Order contains a Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group called Item that includes the Keyword Types Item Number, Item Description, Quantity, Amount and Total Amount. A Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group was configured for the Document Type, because a purchase order is likely to contain more than one item, each requiring a separate group of Keyword Values.

If you were to search for the Keyword Value 0023426 for the Item Number Keyword Type and the Keyword Value 3/4 IN. NAILS - 100 for the Item Description Keyword Type, a document retrieval would only retrieve documents that contained both Keyword Values either in the same instance of a Keyword Type Group or as standard Keyword Values values (i.e., values that are not part of a Keyword Type Group). It would not retrieve documents that only contained the values collectively across different Keyword Type Groups.

For example, the following documents contain the same Keyword Values but were indexed differently:

  • Document A was configured with the Item Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group and was indexed with two Keyword Type Group instances.

  • Document B was configured with loose Keyword Types and was indexed with multiple values for Item Number, Item Description, Amount and Total Amount.

A single document retrieval for both Item Number Keyword Value 0023426 and Item Description Keyword Value 3/4 IN. NAILS - 100 would not find Document A, since the Keyword Values 0023426 and 3/4 IN. NAILS - 100 are not part of the same Keyword Type Group instance. It would find Document B, since those values are not tied to any Keyword Type Group.