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Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Document Type Group searches allow you to retrieve documents from multiple Document Types associated with a Document Type Group.

If Document Types in a Document Type Group are configured with search parameters, the most restrictive search parameter out of all Document Types in the Document Type Group is enforced. For example, the XYZ Document Type Group contains Document Type A and Document Type B. Document Type A requires entering a Date Keyword Value to perform the search. Document Type B only warns the user that a Date Keyword Value should be entered, so a search can still be performed if a Date Keyword Value is not entered. When a search is performed within the XYZ Document Type Group, the search parameter for Document Type A is enforced, as it is the more restrictive of the two search parameters configured.

To retrieve documents by Document Type Group:

  1. On the Home tab, click Retrieval. The Document Retrieval layout is displayed.
  2. In the Document Retrieval pane, from the drop-down list in the Document Types and Groups section, select a Document Type Group containing the Document Types you want to retrieve.
  3. Click Find or press Enter to perform the search. One of the following occurs:
    • A list of documents is retrieved and displayed in the Search Results pane.

    • If search parameters are configured for any Document Types in the Document Type Group, the most restrictive search parameter is enforced and a prompt is displayed requesting further action. If you are required to enter a Keyword Value, see Document Retrieval by Keyword Value. If you are required to enter a document date or date range, see Document Retrieval by Document Date.