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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

OnBase folders allow users to view and organize documents electronically, as they would with a folder of paper documents, but with the added benefits and security of OnBase. Users can access related documents in a way that is familiar, logical, and easy to use. Folder structures can be automatically created and populated based on business needs without user interaction.

OnBase folders allow users to store a document once and retrieve it from a familiar folder interface that can be configured to a department's or user's need. Because each document can reside in multiple folders, departments that prefer different folder structures can access the same document in different locations. Because there is only one actual document, changes to the document are reflected in all locations, even when the document resides in many folders.

Both folder creation and population can be automated to ensure that the folder structure is maintained and file sorting is accurate. This automation protects against accidental folder creation or documents being misfiled.

Folders can be sent to other OnBase users by clicking Send To | Mail Recipient (As Link) if Unity Pop Files or Unity Pop links are configured. Recipients must have permissions to view the Folder Type and must also be a part of a user group that has access to the File Cabinet.