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Depending on your privileges, you can upload documents to OnBase using existing dynamic or static folders. When you upload a document to OnBase using a folder, the document is added to the folder.

Uploading a document to OnBase using a folder can be useful, for instance, when a template is applied to a dynamic folder and one or more placeholders are displayed for documents that have not yet been added to the folder. If the document exists and resides outside of OnBase, you can simultaneously upload it to OnBase and add it to the folder using the folder's indexing information.

To upload a document to OnBase using a folder:

  1. Open the appropriate folder.
  2. Right-click the folder and select Keywords to check the Keyword Values assigned to the folder. Enter Keyword Values for the folder, if necessary.
  3. Ensure the correct folder is selected in the Folder Tree pane.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Select a file to upload from outside of OnBase. This includes Outlook emails or email attachments. Drag and drop the file to the folder in the Folder Tree pane or to the Documents pane.

    • Right-click within the Documents pane.


      When uploading to a dynamic folder, select and right-click the document or template placeholder in the Documents pane that represents the Document Type of the document you would like to upload. That Document Type is then automatically selected when the Import layout is displayed.

      Select Import.

  5. The Import layout is displayed.
  6. Select the appropriate Document Type and any other selections.
    • If the folder is dynamic, only Document Types assigned to the Folder Type are available.

    • If no Document Types are available, then you do not have privileges to any Document Type assigned to this Folder Type. In this situation, you cannot upload the document into OnBase.


    For more information on uploading documents, see Importing Documents.

  7. Any Keyword Types shared with the folder are populated with the folder's corresponding Keyword Values.
    If the folder contains the Primary Keyword Value of an AutoFill Keyword Set that is assigned to the Document Type, its Secondary Keyword Values are not populated until you press the Tab key from within the Primary Keyword Type field.
  8. Click Import. The document is uploaded to OnBase and added to the folder.

    To drag and drop multiple files into the Import queue, you must be licensed for EDM Services. Files dragged and dropped in this manner will be queued in the Import layout in the order in which they were selected in Windows Explorer. This order is influenced by which file you click and hold to drag the group of files. For example, if files 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 were selected in Windows Explorer and you clicked on file 3 to drag them into the Import layout, the files would be organized in the Import queue as follows: 3, 4, 5, 1, 2.