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Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

You can delete folders by using a right-click option. Deleting a folder does not remove its documents from OnBase. The documents remain available through other Document Retrieval methods.

Your ability to delete a folder depends on your privileges to the folder and the child folders it may contain. If you attempt to delete a folder that contains a child folder, and you do not have privileges to delete that child folder, then you cannot delete the parent folder or the restricted child folder(s). Child folders you have privileges to delete are deleted.

If your solution uses the Records Management module, you cannot delete managed folders or folders that contain managed folders using this method. If you attempt to delete a folder that contains both managed and unmanaged folders, the unmanaged folders you have privileges to delete will be deleted.


Managed folders require a Records Management license.


Deleted folders can only be restored from Folder Maintenance in the OnBase Client by your system administrator.

To delete a folder:

  1. From the Child Folders, Related Folders, or Folder Tree pane, select the folder you want to delete.
  2. Right-click and select Delete.

    You are prompted to confirm that you want to delete the selected folder and all of its child folders.

  3. Click Yes to remove the selected folder.