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Users without rights to certain filters will not see those filters displayed.

You can filter and sort documents in a folder using folder filters. Folder filters let you perform the following tasks:

  • Organize and sort documents by Keyword Value, name, or date. Filters display information about each document in columns that you can use for sorting.

  • Display only documents that have a specific Keyword Value. Filters that use forms let you filter the documents by submitting Keyword Values on the form.

  • Display only documents within a subset of Document Types. For example, you may have a dynamic folder with multiple Document Types assigned to it, but you need quick access only to specific Document Types on a regular basis.

Filters are similar to another function of folders called folder templates. Both can display a subset of documents within a folder, but templates and filters perform different tasks. When choosing between a filter or template, consider what you want to accomplish. Whereas folder templates help ensure that a folder has a complete set of documents, folder filters let you quickly see information about documents organized in sortable columns.

A folder template and a folder filter cannot be applied to a folder simultaneously. If you apply a filter to a folder with a template applied, the template is removed before the filter is applied. If you apply a template to a folder with a filter applied, the filter is removed before the template is applied.

Some folders may have a default filter applied when the folder is opened. When a filter is applied, the Documents pane is divided into columns with headers at the top of the pane. To determine which filter is applied, click the Filter button in the Folder Ribbon . The applied filter has a check mark next to its name. To remove the filter, select <No Filter> . Removing the filter may be necessary to display all the documents in a folder.

To apply a folder filter:

  1. With the Folder tab selected, click the Filter button from the Folder ribbon.

    The Filter button is only available if you have configured Folder Filters.

  2. Select a filter.
  3. If a form is displayed in a separate window, type the Keyword Values to filter the folder by, and submit the form.

    The maximum number of documents that can be returned in a folder filter query is 2,000.

  4. To sort the filtered list of documents, click the header above the column you want to sort by.
    For example, if one column contains the Document Date, click the header to sort documents in ascending chronological order; click the header again to sort documents in descending chronological order.