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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Folders provide an additional interface for grouping documents for easy retrieval. This interface consists of file cabinets that contain folders.

  • Each folder is based on a Folder Type. Folder Types determine a folder's setup, which includes the documents it can contain, whether documents are pulled into the folder automatically, and the folder's Keyword information.

  • Folders are assigned Keyword Types by your system administrator. You can search for folders by Keyword Value.

  • A folder can contain documents from multiple Document Types.

  • A document can reside in multiple folders. Because the document resides in OnBase, it retains all permissions, properties, Keyword Values, document handle, and right-click menus (among other features).

  • Folders can be configured to automatically store documents based on Keyword Values as they enter OnBase.

  • Depending on your privileges and how Folder Types are configured, you can create and delete folders and change their Keyword Values.